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Accepting Your Looks And Your Body

Posted in Health & Beauty

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We live in a materialistic world where the media tells us what we have to look like and shames us for what we really look like. The media gives us a girl with a size zero body, blond hair and white skin and tells us that this is the epitome of beauty and the sad fact is that most young people will do everything within their power to achieve this and in cases where they are unable to achieve this, these young people will get depressed and sometimes, even kill themselves.

Everywhere we look, we see magazines, books, television shows, advertisements, movies and even children’s cartoons telling us what beauty is and what the perfect body is. The world drills this in to us from the time we are born from Barbie dolls with tiny figures that are unrealistic to dolls that have heavy make up on them. This has led to a world of young people that are unhappy with their bodies and lack confidence in themselves.

Avoid unnatural procedures

In addition to this, there are various businesses that are offering women the chance to change the way they look with dangerous and expensive procedures such as lip fillers in Sydney and other dangerous treatments that are cancerous and dangerous. The sad fact is that many women, young and old, will invest all of the money they have and even go in to debt to get these procedures done in order to make themselves feel better about the way they look.

They even go so far as to have procedures such as vaginoplasty which is dangerous and unnecessary. These same businesses play a big part in the media that tells young people that they don’t look good enough and that they should change themselves.It is important for you to keep in mind that there is nothing called a perfect body and that the only thing that you can do to lose weight and have a good body is the stay healthy and eat a healthy and clean diet free of chemicals, preservatives and all of the other dangerous substances that they put in to the food that we eat today.

Even food like dairy and meat are pumped with hundreds of antibiotics and hormones that will eventually make out skin sag and give us an aged look which is why it is important to maintain a plant based diet. A quick look on the internet will show you what people on a clean healthy diet look like at the age of seventy five and what a person that has followed a traditional diet looks like at the same age.