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Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer 

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Cancer is really dangerous- be it in the form of lung cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer and so on. Some people can cure cancer and live a happy life with their loved ones. But, this is a rare possibility. To save yourself from bowel cancer, you should know symptoms of bowel cancer so that you can take proper measures before it is too late. Knowing the symptoms, you can avoid any delay in scheduling your check-up. As it is a problem related to the small intestines, you should visit a gastroenterologist for several tests.  Go here  for more information about gastroenterologist

Common symptoms of blood cancer

Stools and blood – Generally, blood don’t come out with stools. But, if you notice that blood is regularly coming with stools, then it can be a sign of bowel cancer. At first, you may think that you are having piles. Fresh blood comes out with stools in case of piles (haemorrhoids) and the blood’s colour is bright red. Fresh blood comes out as piles are naturally swollen veins present in the backside of a person, which can be damaged at ease during passing out of stools and so small proportion of blood can be seen in the poo. If the colour of the blood is darker, then it can be a symptom of bowel cancer. This means that the amount of cancer is high in the individual’s bowel. And the stool’s colour will be dark approximately just as tar. It is possible that the bleeding can happen from the ulcer. But, whatever may be the reason is, you must pay a visit to your doctor. Treatment procedures, like gastroscopy, can help you find the right cause

Diarrhea- Your tools can be looser when you have diarrhea by eating more fast foods or due to stress and so on. Stools of a woman can be loose when she will have her periods. If you see that there is a slight change in your bowel habits that is lasting for about 3, 4 or 6 weeks, then you should consult with your doctor without delay.Any person can suffer from constipation or diarrhea. You can solve the health issue of constipation, but you cannot get rid of diarrhea at ease. But, even after taking medicine, you are still suffering from diarrhea, then you must go to the doctor’s chamber immediately. 

Constipation- Sometimes, the tumor of the cancer will block the bowel, so you will suffer from intense pain in your abdomen and you will also fall sick frequently.

Frequent visit to the toilet – If you are going twice or thrice to the toilet to exclude stools from your body even if you have not changed your diet yet, then it seems that your health is not well.