Two Main Types Of Skin Rejuvenation

skin rejuvenation

We have seen people with different types of skin concerns. Some people are concerned of the aging lines showing on their skin while others are concerned about the dark spots. Some people experience the dryness of the skin while others are worried about the skin getting burnt due to sun rays. In fact; there are whole lot of skin concerns but fortunately we have as much skin treatments as well especially in the field of medicine. People use natural herbs for remedial effects as well; which shows improvement for short span of time only. Then there is set of population who try to hide their skin flaws with the application of makeup products. Out of all these methods; medical laser treatments have proved to be the best. Different types of treatments are carried out to treat different kinds of skin concerns. These treatments might vary from skin rejuvenation in perth to micro dermabrasion.  

Two main types of skin rejuvenation:

Let us first comprehend the concept of skin rejuvenation; before directly discussing about its types. The literal meaning of rejuvenation is the revival of the energy. So; if we would explain the process of skin rejuvenation in pretext of medicine then it can be defined as the removal of the upper most layer of the skin to get the better and revived version of the skin. There are two main types of the process of rejuvenating skin. The first type of rejuvenating skin involves the removal of the upper most layer of the skin which removes the dead and tired cells of the skin along with it. This process revitalise the skin and makes it look as good as of a baby. The second type of skin rejuvenation is not as invasive as the first type. It is done to remove the age lines and makes the face look fuller by reducing the wrinkles.

Micro dermabrasion:

Micro dermabrasion is categorised under the first type of skin rejuvenation. It involves the removal of the dead skin by rubbing off the upper most layers with minimally invasive tool. The uneven and thicker layer of the dead skin cells are removed which ultimately eliminates all of the scars, acnes and other such skin concerns. In fact; it not only smoothen out the skin but also brings a glow to it by refreshing it with a newer skin layer.


People have come up with many different remedies to bring a refreshing glow to your face. These remedies might vary from the use of natural herbs to the application of makeup products. However; the medical treatments with laser techniques have proved to be the most beneficial ones as they have showed prominent optimal improvement and that too for longer period of time. One such laser treatment process is known as skin rejuvenation; in which the upper most layer of the skin is removed to eliminate the scars off the skin or beams are injected that make skin look fuller. “Med aesthetics” provides the best skin rejuvenation services.